MGS Baby Bump Update

22's flying and my bump is growing rapidly, baby gives us lots of kicks... likes sticking his/her bum out! Strong like Daddy and heard Mummy saying 'booty gains are important'! 🤣💪

I'm loving training while I'm pregnant, makes me feel kinda proud that I'm so committed to staying fit and healthy throughout this pregnancy.

I do feel pretty pregnant now and I can feel a real difference in my's like training using a different body! I think listening to your body is so important and knowing your body well, not expecting it to perform how it did pre-pregnancy.

For any fellow mummy's-to-be here's how I've modified training so it's safe in pregnancy...

1. No longer laying flat to do any lifting (this is really important in pregnancy from around 16 weeks, when your uterus is getting bigger, to make sure blood flow isn't restricted to mum or baby). 2. I'm no longer doing focused abs work but rather paying more attention to my breathing in core exercises/ lifting to develop those TVA's (transverse abdominals) and keep that pelvic floor behaving! Keeping a strong core and working hard to prevent any possible diastasis recti. 3. I've swapped out standard squats for sumo squats as my bump gets in the way 🤣🤰 4. I've toned down the plyometric stuff so things like burpees, jump squats or any general jumping around is either modified or swapped out for something that works the same muscle group. 5. I've reduced the amount of weight I'm lifting so where I previously would have pushed my muscles to their absolute limits, I am now lifting weights that feel more comfortable and focusing on good form. 6. I'm doing 3 - 4 strength and conditioning sessions per week so that my body doesn't get exhausted and over-trained plus a mobility session/ yoga 5 x per week for both flexibility and relaxation purposes!

I actually felt a bit rubbish today but training really made me feel good. I was tempted to sit on the sofa with some biscuits after a big work day but sooooo glad I trained instead! keep active Mummies 😃🤰

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