I can make all your wishes come true

I can make all your wishes come true.

There is an old proverb.

"When you're healthy, you have hundreds of wishes....when you're unwell you have just one"

This is so true - until health and life gets taken away from have so many wishes, aspirations of what comes next. The moment you feel poorly or unwell then your only wish is to become better and healthy again.

How do we stop ourselves getting poorly? By mitigating the risk of becoming looking after ourselves.

Eating well & Exercising.

"I don't have time" "My job is really demanding and making me work long hours"

You may be financially successful...but what's the point when you're potentially on the fence of becoming unwell because you're sedentary and only career focused.

I have met a lot of business owners and high flying professionals in their careers in my time in business....A lot of us have goals to become these people. Are they happy?

No...they're miserable, hate themselves, personally low in confidence and riddled with health problems.

You can be wealthy....but how can you enjoy that wealth if you're not under a bus because of your health.

Look after your body and mind...success in life will then be so much easier.

I personally went into a bit of a rut - business took over.. bad habits started to creep in. I lost consistency in my training and my diet went to shit...

Business was good...but my confidence wasn't and I felt crap about myself!

I changed my habits;

Got 8 hours sleep every night. Turned tech off after 8pm Back to the perfect diet...cut sugar out Reading motivational books every morning & podcasts Training back to 6 days a week Started working on success habits..

I feel a World better...look better and super confident to take the gyms to a new level - business motivation is at an all high.

It shows...focus on yourself and you will thrive.

You are never too busy to look after yourself...

I did a simple exercise on my PC desktop...have a picture of yourself that you like and write a description underneath it of how you want to feel and your goals...

Then put a picture of yourself you don't like...write their bad habits down and how you feel about it! Ready it will steer away from the bad picture and towards what makes you feel great.

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