Happy Birthday My Gym Space

Happy Birthday My Gym Space 😊

This week marks the 2 anniversary of opening Farnsfield, it is also 6 years ago that I was signing on the dotted line to open our first facility in Kirkby-In-Ashfield. A lease that was double my mortgage (Scary times!)

I remember 10 years ago, my first ever personal training client lived in Kirkby-In-Ashfield – Carl. I helped Carl lose several stone of weight over the time I was with him. I knew at this point this would be the career for the rest of my life as I loved helping people.

No doubt if we put our efforts into a different career path we would be more successful but it would never have the benefit of giving us satisfaction that we’ve changed lives.

By no means was I lucky or that I fell into this…it was hard/scary and we’ve had some really tough times that we’ve often kept hidden from everyone.

My life was shaped through great parents that nurtured me and then my career in the RAF. I made friendship bonds that can never be broken. Nothing is quite the same until you’ve served in the forces.

Most of my career was spent in either Afghanistan or Iraq, back to back several months at a time…getting paid less than what a multi-story car parking space costs for an hour. (We need to look after our armed forces more)

The worst but …on reflection were the best times of my life were spending Christmas day opening my shoe box present from my family in Iraq. Donned in body armour and a helmet because of the constant risk of being mortared.

Or perhaps it was doing an 18 hour night shift and then going to bed in your “coffin” (Aptly named) to sleep for 6 hours until the next shift began…doing hard labour and working in 50 degree or -10 temperatures.

One of the scariest moments of our life was when our team came under rocket attack and one landed within 15 feet of where we were prone or ‘hit the ground’…I tell you, that was a butt clencher.

Life really changed when I met Emma – she shared the same passion and determination as me. It showed me that those who you surround yourselves closely with will help shape who you are. I’m beyond proud of Emma – she has been really ill these last years from Lyme disease. Even when she has been in his darkest place and at her worst she has always put a brave face on for our members and for our kids.

I’m saying all this – because luck has no involvement in what has shaped your past. Despite the rough and the smooth. We have worked bloody hard to make our dreams happen. We’ve had some spoilers trying to ruin it for us along the way…but its often just made us more determined.

Surround yourselves with positive, good, supportive people…and the World can be yours.

I want to say a massive thankyou to everyone – Emma, our families, our members and our team for helping MGS grow and hit it’s 6th Birthday.

Happy Birthday 😊