Before things go wrong, do something

Pretty unreal...this picture represents just 2.3kg of fat (Around 5lbs)

When you put a lb of fat on...yes its a big deal, lose a lb...a big deal!

How overweight are you? How many of these are you carrying around on your body unnecessarily?

How much fat is clogging up your heart, your blood stream, weighing you down and destroying your joints at a young age...

Typically our members lose around 3 or 4 of these in 6 weeks.

Visuals are important - before you start a weight loss journey, take before photos.

If this has visually spurred you into action... your brain is comprehending the implications of your actions now.

Take action - before things start going can do it.

A lot of members that undergo a massive lifestyle transformation with us are those that have suffered significant health implications, like a heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes, hip replacements.

Be proactive...don't wait until your body tells you its too late.

Your breaking point should not be a hospital bed.

Comment here if its ensured you go to the gym today or eat something healthier than you normally would!