Posture and rounded shoulders

Day to day life means our posture gets seriously affected - it can make you look overweight, less confident and seriously affect the way you feel. If you suffer from bad posture or rounded shoulders, watch this video!

Injury Prevention

We all get knocked back from time to time with Injuries, and it can really stop our momentum. Watch this powerpoint on useful pointers on how to avoid Injury.

Glute Activation

Glute Activation - Without proper glute activation we face an array of issues - muscle function, mechanics in the hips - Strength, Power, Mobility, Stability and Posture will seriously suffer as a result.
Watch this useful 4xMinute video - for diagnosis and repair.

The Perfect Squat

Another fantastic presentation on SQUATS - with the hilarious Joseph. There can be a lot of factors that can cause injury, or prevent full range of motion during squats. Watch this video so you can isolate your problem areas and help work on them.

Over Training

Sometimes you can do too much - learn when is too much and how to recover properly.

The importance of REST

Poor Posture

Poor posture is the posture that results from certain muscles tightening up or shortening while others lengthen and become weak which often occurs as a result of one's daily activities. There are different factors which can impact on posture and they include occupational activities and biomechanical factors such as force and repetition. Risk factors for poor posture also include psychosocial factors such as job stress and strain. Workers who have higher job stress are more likely to develop neck and shoulder symptoms.

The Benefits Of Cardio

Want to know why we raise your heart rate with a heart pumping finisher, and high intensity work.

This video explains all.