Sugar & Fats

The truth about sugar...and why fat isn't bad for you.

Pre & Post Nutrition

A massive part of your training principals and ensuring you get the most of a good workout is your FUEL (Food).
Think of it this way...if you don't fuel up before a workout (100kcals) and you expend 200 less calories because of being low's counter productive right?  Watch this video to learn more....plenty of banter from Joseph!

Carbs Explained

What are carbs and how do they work?


Antioxidants is one of those buzzwords that gets thrown around a lot, even though most people don’t fully understand what it means. We know that foods full of antioxidants are really good for us, and we should buy skincare with antioxidants to keep our skin healthy and ward off signs of aging. We need antioxidants, we should always say “yes” to antioxidants. But, why? Watch this video to learn more:

Damage Limitation

We are social creatures, however we don't always have to be "naughty" to have a good time, watch this powerpoint on some useful tips to limit damage and preserve your hard work in the gym