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Who are we?

Fitness is a Lifestyle

We are Dan and Emma, the founders of My Gym Space, a leading fitness facility in Nottinghamshire. We offer semi private personal training and Invictus - our renowned transformation programme. We pride ourselves on guaranteeing results, with a real friendly and energetic atmosphere where everyone is made to feel very welcome no matter what fitness level or ability they are.


What do we do?

You can start working with our personal trainers to help sculpt that body you’ve always dreamed of.
Whether your dream is to feel healthier, lose fat, run a marathon or become a fitness model, we can get you there. You bring determination and motivation and we give you all the tools you need to achieve the dreams you’ve been craving for a long time.
The first step on your journey is filling out this application form to apply for a free transformation game plan session so that we can map out your goals and help you achieve your dreams-


How do we do it?

If you’re ready to invest in yourself, take that leap and achieve things you’ve only ever dreamt of then apply for one of our transformation programmes.


All abilities

Our coaching is aimed at helping you in all areas of life. Helping improve power, strength, fitness and sport specific training.


Body and lifestyle transformation

We can transform your lifestyle. Be the best version of you.


Our coaches are experts at Training, Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching.


We don't follow the crowd

We have our own way of doing things. We breakthrough barriers and help you unleash your inner beast.


Where are we?

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Our brand new personal training facility on the beautiful Hexgreave Estate. Sorrounded by the country side - we combine results with beauty.

Address: My Gym Space
Hexgreave Hall Estate

NG22 8LS

01623 723 222


Our first ever facility - opened in 2013. We've trained and helped hundreds of people here. The facility has grown to where it is today.

Address: Unit 3, 40 Kingsway


NG17 7BD

01623 723 222

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Join The #MGSFamily

We can invite you in for a gameplan meeting with us, it's really beneficial for men and women and they see great benefit in it as we can narrow down into your goals and what's holding you back right now.

To book your free gameplan meeting please fill out this short form:


Facility Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 6am - 8pm
Sat: 7am - 9am
Sun: 7am - 9am

Get In Touch

Telephone: 01623 723 222

Email : admin@mygymspace.co.uk

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We train members with a variety of goals - from fat loss, sports specific, hyertrophy and general fitness. 


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