We can change your body, your limits, your outlook

MGS Family

Our aim is to create a family, an awesome bunch of people who train hard together, motivate each other and push their limits. This whole experience is about escaping the limits of your comfort zone, setting new and exciting goals and being supported on your own individual journey. We train mean, we eat clean and we play hard! We attack obstacle races, organise mammoth training sessions to raise money for charity, have ‘family’ days, summer socials, coffee mornings and bootcamp getaways. We believe that surrounding yourself with positive people has a massive impact on your own well-being. Positivity is contagious! Our members only Facebook group is also a great source of support and we are very active on there providing you with weekend workouts and ongoing support. #MGSfamily

Training & NutritionCommitment to us and to yourself is key with both our training and nutrition. You need to be able to commit to at least 3 x training sessions per week. We encourage you to do more where you can, but your minimum commitment to be invited onto a programme is 3 x per week. Nutrition wise we need dedication to our plan and a level of sacrifice. We eat clean, healthy and nutritious food, cutting out all processed food and refined sugars. Food is the fuel for your body and we want you to see your body as the Ferrari that only the best fuel will suffice for.